1999 corolla, shaking starts around 55-70mph, a little scared to go over 70 with the shaking lol.?

steering wheel shakes as well. i'm assuming the shakes is coming from the front right. got all new 4 tires, and seems like when i steer to the right it seems to be worse, but a little better when i steer left.

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mdstrongguy12006: Your tires are likely out of balance, or you REALLY need an alignment.

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Shaking or a vibration? If it's actually shaking that's usually caused by worn suspension or steering components. A vibration in the steering wheel only is tire balance. Vibration felt in the seat and floorboard is driveline problems such as warped drive shaft, bad u-joints or bad motor/transmission mounts.
That called the death tremble that means your steering or an alignment is off or the sterring box needs to be tightened the best thing to do is go to a shop that specificly does alignment DO NOT GO TO PEP BOYS THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF
You need a wheel alignment
don r:
I suspect a bad CV joint.