2001 honda accord no brake pressure?

i have changed the master cylinder and front pads and bled the lines using the 2 person method and yet i have no pressure at all while the car is running but while its off it seems to continuously gain pressure could someone help me figure this out please

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John: If you can pump up the brakes, you probably have warped rotors forcing the pads apart. You can take the lines off the master one at a time and plug the outlet to see if it's the front or read giving you trouble. Make sure the calipers are sliding freely.

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Bench bleeding is not enough because there is air in the brake lines. Air acts like a cushion and makes the brake pedal mushy. Once you install the master and hook up all the brakelines, then you got to have a second person there to sit in the seat and depress the brakepedal while you lay down behind the wheel you are doing to let out the brake fluid, then close the valve so they can release the pedal and suck in some more brake fluid and you do it again and again and again for EACH WHEEL. Find a maintenance repair manual either on line that you can read or walk to the public library and get a book on your car. It shows with pictures even.
Clamp off the rubber hoses at each caliper and see if the pedal is normal. If it is then release one clamp at a time until the pedal fails. That's the wheel where the problem is. You didn't change the rotors? That's one problem already. Are the caliper slide pins cleaned and lubed?
DR + Mrs Bears face:
HI well unless you have the engine running to produce enough vacuum fort the power assisted brakes it does not work anyway.
Did you bench bleed the new master cylinder? If not you need too.
i've bench bled the new master as well
Quit playing loud n – word rap music all the time and maybe it'd run better
did you bleed all of the wheels, any leaks at the wheels?

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