35 miles over speed limit?

no intoxication at all, just 35 miles over speed limit. What happens? not arrested.

Other answer:

We don't know where you live so we can't give you a decent answer. Here in Arizona it is a criminal speeding, a misdemeanor.

If you kill somebody in a crash going 35 over the limit you are up for vehicular homicide almost anywhere and can expect years in prison, while the same collision with no intoxication and observing the limit is an accident the insurance will take care of.

I think every state should have a higher speed endorsement. Allowing you travel maybe 10-20 over limit.These would be the guidelines:
Only if the road conditions permit it.

1. Have to take defensive driving.
2. Have to have at least 3-5 years of behind the wheel experience.
3. Every year take a road course test, given by professional drivers
4. Car has to be performacely sound, operate optimally as if new at the time of release.
5. Pay a liesence fee to be endorsed.
6. Be willing to be stopped more unless there us a bumper sticker like handicap

It could depend on what the speed limit was that you flagrantly abused. In any event bring lots of money and a driver to court with you. You may or may not leave with a valid license but you will certainly leave with a lot less money. 35 over isn't an oops!
A hefty fine. Increase in insurance premiums. Cops looking for you again next time you take that route where you got stopped.
I believe 30 mph over is reckless / careless driving depending on your state, you go to court then hope you don't get a $2,000 fine, you walk away happy to pay like $500 and keep your license.

Dress nice and suck up to the judge, cheers.