4 hp johnson out board on a 10' Jon Boat: how far can I go on a .69 gallon tank(notice that's point 69?

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John: What is the velocity of a fully laden sparrow?

V or flat bottom
Fiberglass or aluminum (heavy or lightweight)
Beam width

Bottom smooth are pitted
Upstream or down stream
Into the wind with the wind or across the wind
One passenger, No passenger,
Idle, medium throttle, full throttle.

All relevant questions-and no one will be able to give you and exact number – your best bet it to carry a spare 1 gallon of fuel and when you use the .69 refill and head back to port.

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actually it's a 10' Pelican Bass Raider Pontoon type boat,lightweight,smooth bottom,fishing in tidal waters (going either way with tide), one passenger(me) & throttle will determine tide in or out. I certainly will carry additional fuel,but I was trying to get some idea what .69 gallons equates to, It's about the size of a lawnmower tank. They call it a saddlebag tank
Square basher!:
As far as the tank will alllow!
One day it could a acertain distance.
Then using the same boat 1
same out board and same boat a toatly diferent distance.
With boats there are so many variables which can effect fuel consumption to give you a figure that really means anything >
so pick a number any number and that is about as accurate as your going to get!
Depends on weather;boat;wind,and weight. I would take extra gas with me.