60 mile commute, too much?

is commuting 60 miles each way too much? It's about a 45 minute drive without traffic and could be more than an hour with traffic. I

Other answer:

A normal commute is 25-40 miles one way. 60 miles is not abnormal, but it is a stretch for some people. I know some who routinely travel 2 hours each way for work. They won't move because it is too important for their kids to attend the right schools, or it is closer for one of the two working adults, so it works out.

You have to weigh the wear and tear on you and your vehicle, fuel costs, etc. If you make enough to cover, and it is important to live where you do, then make it work. The other choice may be to relocate, move a bit closer to where you need to be most of the time.

For college, I would find a place to stay that is a whole lot closer to school (within 10-15 minute walk).

Rona Lachat:
Your commute time is the time from front door to the place you work. It is not just DRIVING time.
Average speed 80 MPH the entire distance?

You have to decide if the extra pay is worth the cost of extra time and fuel.in comparison to the situation you have now.

Some commute less and others commute farther and longer. Only YOU can decide what is TOO MUCH for you.

Yes it is. Are you sure about the timing – it takes 45 minutes to do a 12 mile journey by bus when there is no/little traffic.
Is it too much? I don't think so. Do you?

Do you make enough money? Do you enjoy it? Can you find the same job closer? For the same pay? It's up to you, not us.

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