A LOT of white smoke coming from tailpipe when stepping on gas pedal?

At idle, white smoke is less, but it's mostly when stepping on gas. It is winter, but this still doesn't look normal. I had engine drive belt tensioner replaced 2 days ago, and I noticed it after that. Kind of doubt if it has to do with a fault job at replacing tensioner. Your opinions are appreciated.

Other answer:

White smoke means water.
You could have a cylinder head gasket problem.
white smoke is water/coolant, if it doesn't go away when your engine warms up then you have a bad head gasket or cracked head/block.
If your sure its smoke it probably means you have a blown head gasket
J E T H R O:
Its nothing more than water vapor from being cold.
mdk68gto, ase certified m tech:
check the coolant level. if it is full, or in the normal range, you are seeing condensation and it is normal. if the coolant is low, worry. you need to get it looked into.
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