Am I wrong? Do the pedestrian have to yield to car?

I was walking across the street, when the light was green. One car was coming from my left side, which is trying to turn right, starting honk the horn at me.
Do I have to yield him? In my country, cars usually yield to pedestrian, however, I do not whether it is true in U.S. Btw, I am in NY state.

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Ziff Spiffington: unless you want to get run over, stop – if he had a green light, then he's allowed to yurn

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Ziff Spiffington:
Give him the finger, if you were in a crossing area. The driver was rude, inappropriate and behaved badly. Of course, cars must yield to pedestrians. However, IF you were crossing where there was no proper crossing area, like the middle of a street, just get the heck across the street as quickly as you can and get out of the car 's way and, next time, have a little more consideration – cross when there are no cars. Otherwise, you are potentially going to cause an accident.
Pedestrians, in the US, are generally given the right-of-way in most situations. This means a driver should yield to the pedestrian, and let them cross the street, or do whatever they are doing, for maximum safety…ensures their safety as well as your own.

If you had already begun crossing the street, and the car honked at you, he was probably just being rude, or impatient, or both. Maybe he thought you were walking too slowly across the street. Whatever his issue, you had the right of way, so you should have simply kept walking across the street…once you begin crossing, it's best to just cross completely – especially if there is traffic, no one (should) expect(s) a pedestrian to yield to them in the middle of the road!

Howard L:
Legally cars must yield to pedestrians but if the pedestrian wants to live to age 50 they should yield to cars.
The law is that cars yield to pedestrians. However, the law is one thing and actual reality is another. Never trust drivers to obey, or even know, the law.
If you have a "walk" sign (a white hand), then no.
If you have a green light and do not have a "don't walk" sign (either a red hand on the traffic light or a permanent sign saying that pedestrians are not allowed to cross), then no.
If you have a "don't walk" sign (a red hand), then you are not allowed to cross at all, with or without yielding.
Cars do have to yeild to a pedestrian, however, when a pedestrian is at a green like, the car has the "right of way"
It depends on weather you were walking on a marked crosswalk or not. If you were on a marked cross walk and the red hand was illuminated on the other side, you would have to yield. If the white walk symbol was illuminated, the car would have to yield. If you were walking on an unmarked crosswalk, or J-walking, you would have to yield.