Anyone can hold the helm,when the sea is calm Agree or disagree?

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HollyPaw: I was at the helm of a light ship once (Nantucket?) in calm seas- our path through the water looked like a snake behind us. On the helm of the cruise ship SS Independence in calm seas- got the ship rocking so much as we swayed side to side water was splashiing out of the pool. It took almost a month of practice before I could steer a tanker through a typhoon without deviating from my preferred heading. Sure, anyone can hold the helm, but that doesn't mean they should without someone standing by to help them if need be.

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Funny you should ask just now – I'm about to go to the sailing club in ten mins where there really are helms!

I'd say no – even in a calm sea, you can get lost or fail to get anywhere if you don't set the sails right or steer in the right direction. But it's a good point in a way, because certainly you need more skill in a storm. On the other hand, you can die just as well by starving in a calm sea as being dashed to pieces in a storm – in life too.

Weasel McWeasel:
As ex-Navy…………No, not anyone can just hold the helm. You must be trained and qualified.

And if you have no business on the bridge, then you don't belong there.

But I do get your point.

Depends on the boat , nowadays most ships don't have a ( wheel ) they are steering comes from Propellers on each side of the ship and the Captain has control of just how much power goes to each one , if they want to go one way he reduces power to 1 engine and increases power to the other thereby making the ship turn whichever he wants .
no because a midget probably would not even be able to reach the helm let alone hold the wheel steady
My Name Is Nobody:
Yes, once in a while you can find the door also by groping in the darkness – even a blind man can find it – but to go directly to the door without groping is a totally different phenomenon.
Hit Girl:
Agree it takes a strong will to stay the course when there is a storm.
No. Many people don't tolerate calm well.
Indeed true , thats the key for success …