Are Mercedes Benz Parts Expensive?

Are Mercedes Parts Expensive. I was told since they merged with Chrysler they are not expensive anymore??

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Joan: It depends on the part and no the merger did not affect the quality of parts.

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In my point of view,Mercedes Benz parts are more expensive .One cannot say like that,It depends on the part and its properties whether it is quality or not.
Jay P:
You need to be a little more thorough in your research. Yes, Mercedes did "merge" with Chrysler in the late 90's ( the truth was that Mercedes actually bought Chrysler but to the public it was called a merger ). However, Mercedes sold off Chrysler to Ceberus Capital Management in 2007 and Ceberus subsequently sold Chrysler to Fiat.

This is why you see Chrysler dealers selling Fiat's today.

Parts are only expensive when you need them MB engineering makes them reliable so they don't need the number of parts a less reliable marque would.
The real expense is servicing costs , here in the UK dealers over charge on lots of service items, fit unnecessary parts, absolutely fleece you on oils at service and charge the Earth for Labour. They work on the principle if you drive a Merc you must be a jerk, they are usually right!
Wonderful cars though.
Mercedes parts are still over priced expensive! One pays over and over for driving a Mercedes or some of the other European cars!
Fulani Filot:

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