Are muslims good pilots?

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Another question on Yahoo that probably isn't serious. The answer is that most Muslim Pilots not trained in the western world are not as good as Western Pilots to receive much more and much better training. It's that simple.
Eric West:
Those who have been properly trained certainly are. I have flown with a number of them.

Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus and Jehovah's Witnesses make good pilots too, religion plays no part in a pilot's ability

Those who have trained to be pilots, just the same as any other randomly selected group of people. Men, women, Africans, Europeans, Rednecks, Christians and even WASP Americans
No way, as they could not see thise huge Twin Towers sticking up into the sky, and whack into them. So no, not good pilots at all. But crazy brainwashed religious nutters !
Religion has no bearing on airplane pilot's abilities –
You can be Muslim, Christian, Zoroastrian… Atheist…or …? – and be an excellent pilot –
Well, 9/11 showed that they can accurately navigate to a precise location in one of the biggest cities in the world. More than once.
Angela D:
muslims are fine as long as they're housetrained and bathe regularly. a tall order, i know. at least until they start waving the koran around and shouting "allahu akhbar!"

indians are another matter. they damage flight instruments, frighten passengers, and are so greasy they slide out of the seats.

They are about the same as any other pilot.
It's all done by autopilot these days.

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