Are you ready for 8 years of liberal stompy foot liberal behavior and are you deplorliberals ready to become the unspeakable ones?

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Rootstock: What do you think those FEMA Camps are for??? Derrrr

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I'm ready for 4-8 years of watching the GOP ruin its shot just like it did the last time a Republican was president. And laugh all the way. Making fun of Bush was a pastime.
It will only probably be 4 after your Trump guts everything, and the jobs aren't hear like he promised. But no different than the lady from Newton, Iowa who advocated a REVOLUTION if Clinton got elected. About 30% of Trumpets would support her idea, or the kids in some high school who wrote some racial remark in the school after Trump won.
Mr T is only the President elect. Two months is a long tome in politics. Don't worry it won't last 8 years the world will end long before then. Things have moved on since WWII you are no longer sat 3,000 mile out of range
We've survived 8 years of conservative stompy foot behavior.
Nope. But I am getting another gun and ammo today. Should be ready by sunset. (Didn't want to say dark because some idiot might thing I was racist.)
DontLetYourPresidentGetYourA$$ Whupped:
Why not. We just had 8 yrs of conservatard tantrums.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi Maybe and maybe not one thing already trump has agreed to leave obamacare alone.
The question is boring gibberish.