Asking C4 corvette owners?

Hello, im thinking of getting a 1991-1996 c4 corvette as a daily driver but I d like to know how often do you refill the gas tank every week or so? i drive on average about 14 miles a day
70/30 City/Highway are they reliable cars? what should i be aware of? Id appreciate your experience and answers thanks.

Other answer:

Any car that is 20-25 years old could have any number of reliability issues. Mostly it depends on how it has been treated, cared for.
In a similar manner, your gas mileage probably depends mostly on how you drive. Most people do not buy a Corvette to drive it in a gas conserving manner.
Pilsner Man:
You could join an owner's forum, where everyone owns the same car. You can get all kinds of info there, instead of asking people that can only make guesses. Just Google “Corvette owners forum”.
You better get yourself a newer vehicle. One with a gas gauge also.

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