Average motorcycle horsepower?

Thinking of just an average motorcycle, what average horsepower can you expect to drive from it?

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"Average motorcycle horsepower"

In America? In world sales?

The largest selling motorcycle in America is a very heavy, has a large displacement, and produces around 90hp. There are motorcycles with around 75% less displacement that produce more than twice the horsepower weighing around 60% less. Entirely different format motorcycles.

It's a free world! Weigh all the differences and make YOUR choice. Just don't let millionS of industrial Corporation funded media hype influence, corporation sponsored bold faced lies, and exaggerations affect your personal decisions. … or thinking!

Average i would put it into a few different groups: \/
Mopeds – avg. 10hp
dirt bikes – avg. 25hp
Cruiser road bikes – avg. 45hp
Super motos – avg. 35hp
Choppers – avg. 65hp
Street bikes – avg. 80hp
Litre bikes – avg. 120hp
Super bikes – avg. 200hp

But bikes to vary a lot, a 90's cr250r had 60hp and a 500 might only make just as much, it really all depends but the list is a general idea, by no means exact but it helps to see it all in numbers, and all these numbers change drastically with aftermarket parts, and the sizes are an average from like a 300 street bike up to like a 750 or 800 then you bump up to litre bikes then super bikes for track racing only. Hope you found this helpful

As everyone said their is no average but the average will be a very low HP world wide as most motorcycles in the world are small engined, low powered economic bikes. Think the number of small bikes/scooters in asia. There is probably more scooters in the world then motorcycles by at least double. The average in western countrys like america, canada australia etc.. is probably 4 times or so the world average.
How long is a piece of string.
Just got back from a little 150km ride.
5 bikes
My 500 cc side valve single @ 13 bhp
A 500 OHV V twin @ 46 Hp
A 400 in line 4 & 62 bhp
A 500 360 deg parallel twin @ 42
A 500 180 deg parallel twin @ 56
Meaningless question. Liter (1000cc) bikes run from around 70 hp to over 200 hp, depending on the engine. Learn about means, medians, and modes, which are all averages, and the types of motorcycles, and ask again. Generally beginner bikes (300cc) are under 30 hp. Just go onto the mfrs websites and, like, look.
Scott H:
An average amount. The answer depends on the displacement of the engine, among other things. For example, my motorcycle has a displacement of 103 cubic inches and puts out about 90 HP.
It all depends on how much cash people spend. Everyone gets hung up on the CC which doesn't mean a hole lot. I have a track ready 2006 gsxr750 and I'm rocking 160-165hp Most gixxer 750 are around 130 or so. So even the same brands of bikes are all gunna change. If you looking to buy one just start off slow and be safe.
Candid Chris:
There is no such thing as an 'average' motorcycle, they range from about 10hp to about 200.

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