Becoming a Pilot worth it?

Is trying to become an airline pilot worth it? I wanted to be an airline pilot for American Airlines but I hear that it very hard and the pay of a pilot is not that great?

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Zaphod Beeblebrox: Is it "worth it" to you to invest in both a college education and flight training to the tune of a couple hundred thousand dollars, then have to start out earning wages that any kid working as assistant manager at Burger King can earn? Because that's where you'll start, and you'll spend the first 5-10 years of your career earning relatively low wages working as a flight instructor, air taxi pilot and / or regional airline pilot so that you can build the experience needed to be competitive for a major airline job. There's NO GUARANTEE that you will ever make it to a major airline e3ither.

If you do, then you'll spend another 10-15 years climbing the seniority ladder as a copilot before you'll get a shot at upgrading to captain. By then you'll be about 45 years old, and maybe older. And, as all professional pilots do, you'll work a lot of weekends, holidays and odd hours. Your time off probably will not coincide with that of your family or friends as often as you'd like and you'll spend half your life living in hotels or motels. You'll also probably spend a significant number of years residing in places you don't want to live, or you'll spend a significant amount of your time off commuting to where you do want to live.

Then there's the never-ending training, recurrent training and check rides to pass, medicals to pass (better live healthy and stay healthy) and there's always the specter of job security hanging over your head, especially when the economy heads south and airlines start laying off personnel, or worse, they fail or merge with another company.

Just to be sure you don't get too many false ideas about the excitement and glamour of being an airline pilot, watch this:…

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Zaphod Beeblebrox:
Pilot careers with the Air Force or the Navy are definitely worth it –
Education and training is free, and the pilot training is definitely the best in the world –
Pay is decent, benefits are great, you can get excellent retirement after 20 years of service –
And unlike the airlines, the military do not go bankrupt and furlough pilots –
For helicopter pilot careers, the US Army is the best –
Becoming a commercial pilot is so horrendously expernsive that it is out of the reach of most ordinary people. If you have the funding, go for it. You will enjoy an interesting career with high social status.
Angela D:
go for a familiarization/discovery flight and see what it's like to actually fly a plane.

if you're hooked, you're hooked. i was, and now own my own airplane.

if you're not, you're not, and have just saved yourself a whole lot of money on flight training.

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Timbo is here:
"Worth it". I can't believe how many people ask about whether something is "Worth it" on here. Surely you can see that no one here could possibly know the worth of that to you but could only give their own meaningless opinions.

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