Behamas to usa by boat?

i want to travel from behamas to usa on a boat, the boat look like moter bike only 1 person can sit on it. is it safe?
thanks u very much for ur help

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kamal: If you left from Freeport most modern PWCs would not require any additional fuel if you kept it at a cruising speed. Crossing the gulf stream may be a bit of a challenge though. Doable – yes recommended no.

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How far is it? Maybe 50 miles at least, I'm guessing, to Bimini, which I believe is the closest of the islands.

Could you do 50 miles of open sea in a 'personal watercraft'? I'd say probably yes, if the weather is good. I would like to have a motor boat to follow me with food and supplies, just in case.

St N:
It is feasible to make the crossing on a PWC, Personal Water Craft, but I don't know if you would need to carry extra fuel and refill enroute. In addition, you will have to clear customs in both the Bahamas and the USA.

I hate to say it, but if the name and picture are you, you will definitely be profiled and probably intercepted in mid-ocean by the US Coast Guard or Navy.

It can be done, but I sure wouldn't try it alone. If the engine dies, it's a very long swim …..
Square basher!:
Sharks are queuing up as you type!
It would be cheaper and faster to fly.