Best 4 seater sports car?

I really like sports cars, but the only thing that bugs me is that most only have space for two people. I want a coupe obviously but that has at least 4 seats.
I don't mind if you post used cars, it doesn't have to be brand new 2015 models.

Other answer:

I think you mean you want a "sporty" car with 4 seats, which are generally 2-door coupes with very small, sometimes useless back seats. True sports cars have only two seats.

Look at the Honda Civic Si, Subaru BRZ, and Scion FR-S.

Fa5 Honda si Subaru sti hatch or sedan or evo
No such thing as "best" of anything and there is no "four seater sports car" on the planet.
Pilsner Man:
This is the aircraft category. I will move it, maybe you will get more answers. 300Z 2+2