Best colour for the brand new Ford Focus?

I can't decide which colour is the best on my brand new car.
Blue, white or red.

What would you recommend on the 2016 Ford Focus?

Which colour hides dirt and road grime?
I understand that most these colours don't hide dirt the most compared to silver. But if you were to chose one colour, which one would that be?

Best Answer:

Sam: none of those colours hide dirt too well, unless you live in an area with very red soil. silver tends to be the best colour to hide dirt and grime. red is very hot in summer cos it absorbs so much heat, out of your options I think Blue looks best

Other answer:

Electric Orange
Avoid white!!!!! Take it through a car wash and it will look filthy by the end of the day.
None of those hides dirt grime, here
DR + Mrs Bears face:
hi white is the worst as it needs washing constantly.