Best entry level luxury car for a teen?

What is the best entry level luxury sedan for a 17 year old?

I like the A4 and the new MKZ but I'm still looking at my options.

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In your dreams buddy…

In any case, do you not see anything wrong with 'entry level luxury car'? A bit like asking for a small super-yacht.

Just too funny. "entry level luxury car for a teen" ? ROFPML
You got hired as a cashier at Toys R Us two months ago. You're not in the market for an entry-level luxury vehicle.

Enough with the lies.

I think Mercedes has the best entry level cars. They are still very luxurious inside.
A 17 year old driver should never be driving a Luxury car of any kind unless you are filthy rich.
I would recommend your uncle's old pick up truck, but if you've got a really big budget, maybe go for the 1984 Volkswagen beetle.
You'll want the safest car you can get, so a Volvo would be a good choice
Love big words:
00- 05 Cadillac Deville
Import a Skoda. No matter what you buy, you will end up turning it into trash.
You're not getting one. Thanks for playing though…

Move along folks, nothing to see here.

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