BMW, Audi or Mercedes?

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♛ Nicolas ♛:
I'm an audi fanboy. then I'll take BMW in second plance and mercedes third. but its not to mean that mercedes makes bad cars. it just that I prefer the mechanical design of audis better
Peter The Piper Uk:
Always been a Mercedes man myself. I know them to be good and have kept buying them. Each 'change' I tentatively look at – and have even test driven BM's and Audi's, but I stick with Merc.
This is of course not to say a BMW or Audi is 'not as good'. I know several people with both, who are extremely happy and equally faithful to the brand.
Truth is they are all top quality German engineered products. Ignore the 'Moron' above telling you they are made by the "same company"…….They are certainly NOT !
Drive a car from each showroom. Talk to them and make up your own mind.
Good luck !
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi so as you might not realise it they are all made by the same company. the A.G. group of germany along with Volkswagen, Skoda, Buggatti, Rolls Royce, Maybak, and Bentley. so what can one possibly add very much of a much ness and Now they have taken over PORSCHE as well. the A.G. group is gaining a reputation for producing unreliable cars these days as they have lost the plot.
Steven C:
Audi for me
Jay P:
Whichever vehicle meets the most of your needs and wants from a vehicle while still being within your budget…that is the best car for you.
Bob L:
Bobby Jim:
Yes, actually all three name brands are German cars.

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