Boat found abandoned on snow bank, how would one register it if they want to put a electric trolling motor on it?

Other answer:

Check and see what the last registration sticker on the hull says. If it's recent, they probably want it back. If it was ditched and you want it, if there are any numbers on the hull, call the dmv. It might be registered as lost or stolen and you don't want to be in possession of property reported stolen. If you can get in contact with the original owner, they may give it to you for free, and transfer the title. If you can't get a title, and it wasn't stolen, you can apply for a new title, or fix the boat up and apply for a new title.
Check with your state's boat licensing bureau.
The first thing you must do is try to get a title for the boat at your DMV. Then they will tell you the proper ways to get a registration for the watercraft.
Harry Buttcrack:
You might first want to check with your local law enforcement……

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