Bought a car 5 months ago, finally received registration but valid date is expired. Please help!?

Sorry, it's my first car. I don't understand why the registration card I received had valid dates from 11/2/2015-11/2/2016, but it was filed 11/4/2016, and I just received it. What does that mean?

Other answer:

Sounds as if the car was never originally registered and as such they applied the recent (last) payment to the 11/02/2015 – 11/02/2016 registration period. If so, you will have to pay to renew (continue) registration for the new period ( 11/02/2016 – 11/02/2017.

Have you given any thought to ask the DMV what is going on? They will be able to explain it better than us here who can only guess.

You will need to visit your local DMV offices in person to clear this up, Jennifer. The vehicle sold to you simply did not have current registration and the dealer did not process the new registration as they may have promised or suggested they would do. The only way to receive current registration is to pay a trip to you DMV offices.
Obi Wan Knievel:
No, we can't help you. Nobody here can help you in fact, not even if they really truly think they can.

We don't issue or renew vehicle registrations here, only the DMV in your mystery location can do that. Even if you offered me a gazillion dollars and a few nude photos, I still wouldn't be able to help you.

The DMV can, though. And they won't even ask for nude photos, at least they better not.

Everybody's registration expires. . We go to the DMV and renew them.