Burnt tire smell in car?

It was snowing bad today and got stuck twice and both times i smelt burnt tire cause i had to get out abd the car was slowly move. Its also a manual would it be from the clutch or tires. If the tires then would it wreck the tires

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I watch with amusement for all the Losers who think they can drive with all season tires in the snow.
Cars slipping and sliding as the tires have next to NO TRACTION.
The little you do have barely moves you forward.
So yes, you are burning rubber. Clutch is working just fine as it is turning the tires.
Yes you ruin what little tire tread you do have. Your tires are not good for driving in snow.
Which is WHY THEY HAVE SNOW tires (it has a snowflake on the side of the tire)
They are like winter boots that have a hardy tread underneath compared to a leather shoe with a smooth sole. The tread moves you forward, the smooth one makes you land on your face.
*Note: Winter just started.
Of course it ruins the tires. You're burning rubber off of them! A clutch smells completely different then rubber. More like hot/ over heated brake pads.
The smell could very easily be from the tires (struck by lightning). Often tires burst from lightning strikes. However, almost anything could have been fried by the strike.
that would be your tires heating up due to no grip on slippery suface such as ice / snow / diesel spillage within the tarmac. this should not affect the damage to the road tire as much unless you keep spinning the wheels constantly for a certain time as the tread gets hotter..
If you were spinning your wheels, there's your answer. Hot tires smell.
Skoda John:
Just sitting there spinning is fairly pointless.
If it is a rear drive nearly lock the handbrake.
It acts a traction control. The danger with just spinning up.one wheel is if it gets traction suddenly you can pop a shaft.
Were your tires making contact with the payment? If so, it may have been the tires. If not, it was definitely the clutch.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi the small comes from the coolant hoses on the car,
Also never was on the clutch