Buying a new car?

I want a buy a toyota frs or a Subaru BRZ. How much off msrp could I get if I agreed to pay with cash. The car is around 25,000. I ve never bought a new car before so sorry for the newbie question. Never had anything newer then a 1986 haha.

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Okay everybody, all together now: There is NO discount for cash.

This is a HUGE misconception about car sales. Up until the end of the 70's, a dealer would have to wait upwards of 90 days to get paid by a bank. For this reason, a buyer offering cash would have leverage when negotiating. These days, when a lender approves a deal, it is typically funded within 24-72 hours. In fact, dealers can make money "on the back end" in the form of kickbacks from certain banks based on the number of deals submitted. They also get paid on a percentage of the amount financed. Dealers simply make more money when you finance, even if it's at 0%. They do NOT want cash.

That being said, you are NOT getting a significant discount on either of these cars. The national average for markup on a new car, from invoice to MSRP, is only 4.2%. On a $25,000 FR-S, that's only a little over $1250. On the Scion FR-S, as of November 1st, there are NO incentives (rates/rebates). Final payout was done on the 2016 FR-S, and the 2017 Toyota 86 (rebadged FR-S) has nothing.

Cash does not matter and may even raise the price as compared to dealer financing, since the dealer gets money for writing the loan. You should be able to get 15-20 percent off of the MSRP. I do with American vehicles anyhow, not sure about ja p crap, but they may be trying hard to sell them and give even more.
It's about the total deal. They'll give you a discount with cash that they won't give you with a good interest rate. Use to find what good deals are for your area.
Jay P:
Cash is not the big bargaining chip you think it is. Dealers actually prefer financing as they will often make more money when the financing is done through them.
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Never buy new
Mah Jen Boo:
just depends on you and how well you play the negotiating game. if you really push them they might come down around a grand.