Can a mustang be v8 but not gt?

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Alex Mendez:
If a mustang is a gt it will have an 8 cylinder engine. However there mustangs such as the cobra,GT500,Mach1,Bullit…etc etc that also have 8 Cylinder engines but are not the GT trim. Those mentioned above minus the GT tend to be more expensive models of the Ford Mustang. The GT is the entry level 8 Cylinder of the marvelous FORD MUSTANG.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi It might not be as likely to find one as having a V8 engine would make it a grand touring car. that is what GT stands for grand tourer.

For the Fox body cars you could have an LX 5.0 or Cobra or Cobra R,

For the SN95 cars you could have the rare GTS or Cobra or Cobra R

For the new edge cars you could have a Mach 1, Bullitt Cobra, or Cobra R

For the S197 cars you could have a Bullitt, or GT 500

For the S550 cars you can have the GT-350

Sure. I have an '89 LX hatch with a 5.0. The GT was the same except have a useless 'body kit' on it. My LX is faster 'cause it's lighter.
Hmm! Why not turbo?