Can a pilot on an airbus gain control of the plane like that on boeing?

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Not quite sure what you are asking here, but yes the pilot of an Airbus can override the auto-pilot.

The autopilot is much more ''in the loop'' than is the case with a Boeing, it is harder to take full control from the envelope protection system, but it can be done.

If you are asking whether the Captain of an Airbus can take control from the other pilot, the answer is also yes, the side controllers can be selected singly so the Captain can effectively ''turn off'' the First Officer's controls

I could try – getting assistance from a qualified Airbus pilot on the radio –
I used to be pilot on various other type of airliners…
Probably is somewhat different than handling a Boeing –

A pilot of a given type of airliner needs transition training to fly another type –
Like from a MD-80 to B-767 .
A rush job would take 2 weeks in classroom and half a dozen simulator sessions .

Retired airline pilot

Pilsner Man:
It would be a matter of pulling a few circuit breakers.
Mah Jen Boo:
well they have the option of switching to manual if they want.
they better

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