Can a ship pump out bilges in lakes,rivers,canals,ports etc?

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At sea a ship may only pump bilges through an Oily Water Separator at less than 15/ppm residual oil content.
Not ever at or near land or protected areas.
What do you mean by Bilges ? As in that water gathered in the bottom .Or are you meaning sewage ?
Either way pumping anything out in port will get you serious trouble and make you a laughingstock.(Rather that boats name a laughingstock)

Stick to doing it when cruising around the big blue dustbin.

DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi thea
if it is a ship it is on the sea not in a canal or river or in port. emptying the bilges should only be done outside territorial waters.
strictly NO. the areas you mentioned is considered as prohibited area. even at sea that is open sea (outside the 12 nautical miles) you are allowed only 15ppm.
Now ask the proper question and you might get an answer.
Probably not LEGALLY, but I'm sure it's done all the time.
Ship, no, they cannot.
Ship, no, they cannot.

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