Can I buy a car from a dealership with just a learners permit?

My goal next week is to buy my first car, I am 18, and I have cash money in hand. But the car that I did find is in California, and I live in Wisconsin. So I'm wandering would I be able to buy it even though I only have my permit?

Other answer:

You don't need a license to buy a car if you pay 100% cash up front. But I see some serious problems with buying a car 1/2 way across the country. How would you get it back to WI? Someone will have to accompany you there and back. I would never buy a car 1/2 way across the country. Too difficult to verify it's condition and other legal issues with the car. Is the seller REALLY a dealer? Is the seller REALLY the owner that has the rights to sell the car? How can you inspect the title to ensure it is an original title without any liens against it? That would be an expensive trip to make if you can't buy the car. You need to touch the car, test drive it, examine the documents for the car, have it evaluated by your own mechanic. What's described on the internet is seldom what is actually being sold.
How do you plan on transporting the car from California to Wisconsin? If it is an older car the body would be in better shape than one exposed to road salt in WI, but you also have to think about transportation cost. Our company shipped a car (Mercedes diesel) by train from IL to CA once, but I do not know the cost.

One time my brother in Milwaukee took a bus to Memphis and bought a car similar to the one he owned. He swapped out good interior parts from the rusty one with faded parts from the southern one with the better body and then junked one. But you cannot fly to California and drive the car back alone with just a learners permit.

You cant register It or buy a tag without a drivers license.

But if you plop down the cash, they will sell you a car and drive it home for you and park it in your driveway and the rest is your problem.

Id avoid dealerships.

I hope you didn't find this car on Craigslist. If so, read the very important scam warnings. Not sure why you would buy a car that you can't see, can't drive, can't inspect for problems, and can't talk to the seller face-to-face. Even if it isn't a scam, it's not a smart way to buy a car.
Buy a LOCAL car that you can actually touch, inspect and confirm that it is "AS ADVERTISED".

There are THOUSANDS of used cars available for sale in Wisconsin. Not all of them are advertised on Craig's List or Ebay. I suggest you spend some time searching around LOCAL used car lots.

a 5 year old can buy a car if he has the money
he can't drive it or register it
you can buy the car but you would have to have someone else drive it or be with you as you drive it
better to let someone drive it for you to get it home
and don't forget you will need insurance
No. but your dad can for you.