Can I buy a vehicle under 10k and pay it monthly without giving Ssn?

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Ronaldo: Sure, if you want to spend $10k for a $3900 clunker at the nearest buy-here-pay-here joint that says they don't do credit checks.

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To pay monthly, which is called a loan, the lender must check your credit score. Your SSN is what he needs to do that. So you not only need a SSN, you also need a good credit score — unless you buy an overpriced junky car from a scumbag buy-here-pay-here used car dealer.
No. Paying monthly requires a loan. Any loan you take out requires your SSN.

Who are you hiding from? ICE or IRS?

No, financing requires a ssn. It it required for a job, license,insurance and everything related to owning a vehicle.
Not unless you buy it from your family and they trust you.
no legit lender would go for that.

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