Can I drive around with the dome light on in my car at night?

When I leave work late at night, I am scared to drive in the dark. I am worried that someone may be in the back of the car waiting to stab me. I am sure he would think twice if the light was on and everyone could see what he was about to do. I think it would be much safer.

Best Answer:

StephenWeinstein: He would not think twice and it would not be safer.

It's actually much more dangerous, because your ability to see pedestrians, animals, etc., in the road is greatly reduced. (Your eyes adjust to the level of light in the car and you can't see things in darker places as well.)

If the possibility bothers you, turn on the dome light once, before you start driving, look to see if there is anyone, and then, after you verify that there is no one, turn the light off again, before you start driving.

Other answer:

It will actually make it more dangerous to drive. The glare from the light reflecting off the windows/windshield makes it difficult to see the road.
Besides once you see there is no one in the car, lock the doors. No need to have it on when you are driving as no one is going to climb into the back seat of a locked moving car.
The glare from your dome light would make it harder for you to see things outside of the car, like the road. That's kind of important.

Check that nobody is in the back of your car before you get in. Then, lock the doors once you get in.

No you won't be able to see outside the car properly. Also, if no one is in the back of the car and the doors are locked no one is going to be able to get in the back of the car