Can I get my old car back?

so a couple years ago I lost my car when it got towed and I didn t have the money for it. it didn t run so I let it go. I just found it for sale and the person selling it says "no title". i think I still have the title for it, is it still my car?

Other answer:

It's not legally your car because it was impounded / abandoned and sold as salvage. Someone else legally bought the untitled / unregistered collection of car parts.

Also, chances are the title has been cancelled in the system.

But with both the old title and a bill of sale that shows how you reacquired the car, there should be a way of reissuing the title and it road legal again. Need to check with your local vehicle registration authority to find out how to go about this.

Scott H:
After two years it's probably not your car anymore. It's likely been sold and a new title issued to the new owner.
Yes if you still have a valid title for it with no lien, it is still legally your car. Check with your DMV to see if the title is still valid before you buy the car
Probably not, but you should find out how the seller got the car, and possibly ask a lawyer for advice.