Can I run 2 subs off an M-1500 Sound Ordnance mono amp?

I have one 10 inch JL sub and I was wondering if I could run a second sub off the amp.

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It's pretty simple to figure it out and my 11 year old knows how to do it. If the JL sub is the 300 watt RMS, 4 ohm model, and you wire two of them together in parallel, the total load is 600 watts RMS at 2 ohms. This is well within the capability of that amp. It's rated power is 500 watts RMS st 2 ohms, which means it can safely and reliable handle between 375 watts RMS and 750 watts RMS (75% to 150% of the amplifier output). It will be a workout for that amp at high volume levels, but it will manage just fine. Personally, I don't see why you would want to because your ears probably won't be able to tell much difference and the amp will run hotter. There's also the question of whether your alternator can handle it in the dark when the lights are on, a fan motor (heat, a/c) is running and you've got the stereo cranked way up.
sure, but it's not a 1500w amp, not even close.
It'll give you 500w rms at 2 ohms.
If you have a pair of subs with 4 ohm voice coils you can wire them parallel (for 2 ohms) getting 250w rms each.
don r:
The speakers will share the power from the amp. The advantage might be from greater cone area moving more air. A problem might be room for a good installation will reduce cargo space. It can be done
If the amp provides the wattage, yes.

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