Can i still rent cars?

I recently got my license I m 20 from California and a week after I slightly touched someone s bumper with my truck. Does this affect my car rental eligibility?

Other answer:

You're 20. You can't rent a car. Anyone under 25 (but over 21) will pay a big insurance supplement.
No company will rent to someone under 21.
Being a new driver, and having an at-fault accident won't affect your ability to rent a car, but your age will. Most companies won't rent to anyone under 25 (contrary to popular belief, there is no law against renting to someone under 25. It's just most companies' policy). You will be hard-pressed to find a company that will rent a car to you. If you do find one,the car you get will be a compact car, and they will charge you almost double since you are under 25.
You can't rent a car at only 20 years old. You must be 25. Some companies will rent if you're 21, but charge you a huge extra fee.
Obi Wan Knievel:
Nope, none of that will affect your ability to rent a car.

All you need is a rental company who agrees to rent a vehicle to you. Even in California, there are almost no laws governing who a rental provider can and can't choose to do business with. Most of them wouldn't rent anything faster than a tricycle to you, but that's their decision and not the law.

It won't affect it at all. However not many rental car agencies will rent to a 20 year old.
No. But rental companies usually only rent to people over age 25.
You're too young to rent a car. No, a minor accident doesn't affect one's ability to rent a vehicle.
Most (if not all) car rental companies will not rent to anyone under 21. Most prefer 25. And if they do rent to you under 25, you pay higher rates and have less rental options. Not to mention insurance options.

So I would say your age is the only factor you mentioned here that is a problem.

Howard L:
No. They wouldn't rent to you before the accident and they won't rent to you now.
your age stops you from renting, not your driving record

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