Can mercedes service B be done anywhere other than the dealership?

or any simliar service? If so where can it be done and is it possible to reset the system warning for service?

Other answer:

Servicing can be done anywhere, and by anyone (including yourself). That's the same for Mercedes as well as other makes, and for the B service as well as A or C or whatever.

Resetting the service indicator is not difficult, can't tell you how exactly to do it, since you don't mention what model or year your car is (!!), so you'll have to google it yourself.

Having said which…

1) If the car is under warranty, this may become void if you don't have the car serviced by an approved service provider.

2) Having the car serviced by someone who doesn't know what they're doing is a false economy, and probably causes more problems than it's worth. My personal opinion is, if you buy a premium car like Mercedes, you need to get it serviced by Mercedes – otherwise, buy a Kia!

3) In the specific case of Mercedes-Benz, the 'Mobilo Life' road assistance etc. service will be discontinued if the car is not serviced as Mercedes requires.

UPDATE: Actually, ignore my answer, I now realise you're just some idiot troll who's copied & pasted word-for-word this old question from ten years ago:…
Get a life, loser!

Peter The Piper Uk:
Technically Yes. But….Mercedes take a fairly dim view of somebody turning up at their dealership with a major 'Warranty' fault on one of their cars that has been serviced by 'Joe Blogs Garage', even if 'Joe' has fitted a genuine MB oil filter.
I have had 4 new Mercedes and have always let the dealer service it for 3 years and then use a specialist independent. That way they only get to 'rip you off' 3 times !
If the car is over 3 yrs old. DO NOT use a Main Dealer.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi James
so here is the facts Mercedes have a warranty plan with new cars. this requires that a mercedes dealer carry out services for a period of time. or mileage on that car. if it is not done to there strict routine the warranty becomes null and void. not an issue to something goes wrong and a major part fails. then you the owner have no re-course as it has not been to a Mercedes dealer as they have a computer repair log for each car. reference by it's Vin number. so you would be out of pocket if it needed a new part.
Skoda John:
EU answer.
The car can be serviced according to the schedule with genuine parts by any VAT registered garage and the waranty is kept valid.
It is called the Block examption.
Yeah as long as they have the tools to do it, heck you could do it yourself if you know what you are doing. Personally I would never go to them as they way over charge you. All you are pretty much paying the garage for is for the stamp to say it's been serviced. I usually service my own car as get all my stuff at trade price and I get my brother to stamp my service book as he is a mechanic.

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