Can someone recommend a reliable auto transport company? Car needs to be shipped from New Jersey to Utah.?

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I've had good luck with A-1 Auto Transport & I would use them again. There's plenty of options out there though and you should get a couple competing estimates before committing to (or signing) anything. You should also get the price quote in writing or via fax. It's really important to keep all your records because you'll need them in the unlikely event that something happens during shipping, or worse, you get jobbed by one of those less-than-stellar companies out there doing the dark arts.
Go to the eBay Motors web site. They list a couple of companies that they recommend for shipping.
Old Man Dirt:
Go to and look for companies that do this. Don't expect it to be cheap. Most of the companies that advertise there have the expertise and equipment to do the job.
yes you named it. reliable auto transport, look them up on the net

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