Can Throwing People off Buses and Trains Save Money and Fuel?

If a machine could be devised to eject passengers off moving vehicles at the exact same speed as the vehicle is traveling, then the fuel normally used to stop and start could be saved?

The passengers would drop to the ground at zero speed unharmed?

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?: You are very correct. It would work. Well done.

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All of you are as thick as 4×2 planks. Do you not understand physics? Obviously not. The American education system fails you yet again. Shoot a cannon ball off a moving vehicle at the same speed and the ball will drop vertically to the ground.
Yes, it can. I remember a story about an airplane and it developing a fuel leak. The pilot told the passengers that they did not have enough fuel to land and that some of the people would have to jump off of the plane so that the others could survive. An Englishman walked up to the door, yelled "God Save the Queen" and jumped off the plane. A Frenchman did the same thing, yelling "Viva la France". A Texan stepped up to the door, yelled "Remember the Alamo", grabbed a Mexican and shoved him out the door. The rest landed successfully.
Yes, I see your logic. How about adding a scoop to pick up passengers, and the unwary? They could be launched off an explosive ram to match the speed of the bus. Some form of neck protection may be required.
You should write a paper and submit it to the Royal Society (see link). You may omit my name as you deserve sole credit for the original concept.
Please punctuate properly, folks:
I love it!! They slip down a slide which brakes them to zero, and then they DON'T "hit the ground running". The only problem being the elderly, the disabled, the drunk, the distracted, those carrying big bags of shopping, those with their dog on the bus, those with their cycles on the train, those with pushchairs, wheeled shopping baskets, unruly children, distracted children, ohhh it's turning into a long list now isn't it?