Can you get a non working car registered?

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um, no. it has to have a current inspection done. if the car is not running, then inpection can't be done. why on earth would you want to register and pay the fees and stuff for a car that doesn't even run.
Locally, no. Because you have to have a current "Warrant of Fitness" (Safety inspection) to renew your registration. If the car isn't running, you can't get it inspected.

If your car is off the road you can put the registration "On Hold", so it doesn't get cancelled, and you don't have to pay. Once you get the car fixed, you get the Warrant check done, and can then take the registration off hold by paying the current fee.

But rules vary depending on where YOU live. This is an international site, so lots of different rules.

in most states you can..
Instead of wasteing time here look it up..All states have websites,,
In my U.S.A. State you can. In other U.S. states you cannot. Where are you? Country/State/Province ?