Can you use a copy of your car title to get a title loan?

Other answer:

No you can not,they have to have the title
No ma'am, there is not a title loan lender on the planet that will accept a reproduction of the original title to secure a loan. Why not go get a duplicate copy? Doesn't cost but a few bucks and you need it even if you don't apply for a title loan.
No, you need the original, a copy is worthless. You are selling the car to them( requires a title), and buying it back at a high interest rate. Not a good move on your part.
Skoda John:
Since you do not have the title you probably already have a loan against it or the car is leased.

Why would anyone else lend money against it?

Nope, gotta be the one-and-only real original one. A copy is a copy…. You can make hundreds of them.
Nope. Has to be the actual title.
I doubt they'd fall for that.
NO,….A " copy " means NOTHING