Car door wont open from inside or out?

My car door wont open from the inside or out. when you pull th handle from the outside you can feel that theres no resistance. it wont open from the inside either because the child safety lock is on. is there any way to open it from the inside? its a 2008 grand prix

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The Man:
I've run across this before in our body shop. It sounds like the child safety lock is stuck between the on and off position which disables both unlocking/opening mechanisms of the lock from the outside and inside. It's a mess to undo since you can't get at the safety lock button with the door closed/locked. We typically have to remove the back seat cushions to get the inside rear door trim off and then air chisel the lock apart inside the door to unlatch the door….then replace the lock. You might get lucky if it's just the outside lock rod that has become disengaged/broken from the lock mechanism…remove the back seat cushions/door trim and see if you can manually move the lever that the outside handle rod attaches to to open the door. There is a clip that holds the outside handle rod to the door lock lever that may have broken or came off…replace the clip if needed. Otherwise, a bodyshop would need to chisel the lock apart to unlock/open the door. Buy a new lock so you can see how the mechanism works if needed and return it if not used.
If the inner door handle doesn't work you likely have popped off the lock rod or broken the inner lock assembly. Got to take the inner door panel off to get to the mechanism or the connecting rods. It's not hard, but hard to see. If you are lucky it is a small plastic piece that keeps the rod in the lock mechanism arm that you replace. Cheap part at Auto Parts store.
Mooned Y!A:
I would try having someone opening from the outside while someone inside gives it a good kick. Otherwise, I do not know beyond removing the door panel and getting to the lock. You should be able to find a video online about how to remove the door panel for your make and model of car. I found one for my van. Good luck.
You need to take the back seat bottom out and then remove the interior panel on the door that won't open. Then find where the rod is that has come loose from the outer door handle and pull it to open the door.
Try bending a wire coat hanger into a small hook.
Then push it down between the frame and the window.
When it hooks onto something lift it up. You might have to try it a few times. This was how we went joyriding when I was a teenager.
Lol get rid of that junk