Car for teens?

I am 17, how much should be paid for a car for a teen?

The car I am looking at is 17k. 8-10k down payment, 48 months, and I would finance the rest.

Can I make payments? Or can I just write the checks to my parents?

Other answer:

Buy The Car In Cash, Don't Let It Be Under Their Name Or They Could Take It Away From You. Getting A Loan Can Be Hard And The Interest Will Be Expensive. Go To Or AutoTrader And Only Look At Used Cars.
Skoda John:
You cannot enter a loan contract as you are not 18.
Never buy a second hand car on loans longer than 18 months.
This is a way to get into trouble.
Commiting to 4 years at your age is silly.
Thing change so quickly.
Buy a car for $4000 or less.
Save the cash for the future.
I paid $100 for my first car. I kept it 35 years.
I learned at lot doing all my own repairs on my car.
U clueless uninformed uneducated about Reality of cars and loans.

Ur parents will be buying u What Ever they can afford NOT what u want.
Expect something in 4000 – 5k$ range.

Smarter informed educated parents don't buy u ANY car.
Ask parents.
U GOT lots to learn next 3yrs

You can't get a car loan. You are only 17 years old. To get financing (a loan) you need to be at least 18, have good credit, and a good full-time job.

Your parents can buy a car for you, in their name, if they want.

Stupid Flanders:
Your parents would need to broker the deal and you would pay them. Contracts aren't enforceable for minors, so no lender would agree to let you finance without your parents or some other primary lendee.
At 17 you won't get finance. 100%. Doing it through your parents is fraud. End of story.
Danton J. A.:
Here's a thought….actually two. One, save your money for an EDUCATION and the second FORGET ABOUT IT.