Car is frozen cant get hood up to charge battery tried blow dryerbtobthaw?

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Place a shovel with hot charcoal under the oil pan and in a few minutes there would the engine may start but if not wait a little longer may thaw the hood out any way.
May speed thaw by placing a wind barrier also like a tarp or card board to block wind from blowing under the car
A space heater may work?
I think I will get one of these next year
Wait until Spring when the snow begins to thaw out, as your car will begin to thaw out as well. Next time put a heavy gauge tarp over your car whenever the snow begins and keep using it while there's still snow falling. This will enable you to lift the tarp and remove the snow each time you want to drive it and will keep the hood from freezing up preventing it from being opened. The tarp won't prevent freezing of water if there's only water in the radiator. For this reason, only use anti-freeze in the radiator.
LOL what a PITA! My doors freeze shut and I stand there like a lunatic heaving away trying to get in!

Got some spray deicer?? Or use a kettleful of tepid water?

Pilsner Man:
You can boil some water in a teapot and pour it into the space between the hood and body. water at 212 degrees will not hurt the paint.
salad torture:
park somewhere in an underground garage for a couple hours.

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