Car manufacture After German VW and Japanese car recalls is the World now realising that reliable production comes from the UK?

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London Man: No. It's a mixed bag. Toyotas built in Derby and Nissans built in Sunderland are both more reliable than their Japanese built examples. Minis built in Oxford are about average by worldwide standards. Jaguar Landrover (same company) are utterly appalling for reliability and most of the smaller manufacturers such as Rolls Royce and Bentley are poor to average.

But overall, British built cars are now far better built than they used to be but even in the bad days we were no worse than French and Italian models and possibly better than most cars built in Detroit. Ford and Vauxhall are also not bad but aren't built in the UK any more.

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London Man:
Yes, it IS possible to buy a reliable car that is manufactured in England… But pretty much any "British" car manufacturing in the UK is owned by companies from America, Germany or India.
No. The world is (unfortunately for the UK) realising that reliable production comes from South Korea, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
Don't know about all brands, but Jaguar and Range Rover are not considered reliable brands in the U.S. I used to own an MGB and had to buy parts every weekend to keep it running for another week. The auto parts store people had several jokes about British reliability.
Scott H:
No, because UK cars have a well deserved reputation for being undependable.
Austin Allegro. Morris Marina. I rest my case
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