Car speakers have screws with a circle hole on them?

Want to remove some speakers but they have screws that have a circle for the hole? There not worn down or anything just have these screws with circles for the holes. How do I remove these?

Best Answer:

Jack: Factory speakers? Probably riveted in place. You have to drill out the rivet with a drill slightly larger than the hole.

Other answer:

There are no screws made with a round hole. The closest thing to round is the Allen head screw that has a hexagonal hole and requires a hexagonal screwdriver bit or Allen key. If the hole is truly round, then it isn't a screw, it's a rivet and those need to be drilled out. If you are unable to recognize the difference then I suggest that this project might be beyond your ability and experience and you probably need some help.
don r:
Those are rivets, not screws. They will have to be drilled out.
Danton J. A.:
Need a picture.

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