Commuting to college, is 47 minutes too much?

I plan on commuting to a college that has the degree I am after but the commute is 47 minutes, highway, with minimum traffic on Google maps. I feel like I will be spending most of my time driving. Is 47 minutes too far?

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Ahmad: I plan on commuting to a college that has the degree I am after.
It takes as long as it takes. Now Google map does not give the time with Traffic accident ,storms or RUSH Hour. It does not include the time to get from parking lot to class.
Your only option is to move closer or consider getting a "crash pad" closer to campus for just sleeping. Not having to drive all the way home everyday.

Welcome to the real world. You can expect a commute much longer in the work world after you graduate.

You make it easier on your self going as early as possible or staying late on campus to avoid the worst traffic. You use that time early or late for your study time. Home is for sleep.

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What are your alternatives? If you alternative is not going to school then no, it's not too much. If you have the option of staying there in a dorm or an apartment, that would be preferable than driving 1.5 hours each day. It also depends on how many days a week you have to make this drive, if it's 2-3 that's better than 5-6.
No, it's not too much. Just consider it to be training for when you graduate and need to commute to work. When that happens, 47 minutes will seem like a dream.
its not too much if there is nothing closer. I am starting in a couple weeks, 40 minute drive on the highway, city would be about 30 but highway is less stressful.
Dimo J:
You are wasting $40 a day commuting… $200 a week… over $800 a month. Not counting your time. Move closer.
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