Cost of getting a deck installed in your car?

How much should it cost to buy a deck and the parts to install it? this includes paying for it to be installed by someone else. I went to a local shop today and they said up to $500, I know that is way too much so i'm curious how low I should be aiming.

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Jared: Best Buy will do a basic head unit installation for $65 + wiring harness and dash kit cost. Probably in the $100 range total — assuming you have a fairly standard installation. It will cost more if you have steering wheel control integration, onstar, factory alarm, etc.
That s after the cost of the HU clearly.

A $500 estimate is either a result of having a particularly complex car to fit a radio in, or attempting to take advantage of someone they believed they could take advantage of — sounds like it might be the latter.

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Cost Of A Deck Installed
It's impossible to say without knowing the year and model of your vehicle, and some other information. Is the factory system a "premium" package like Bose or JBL? Do you have controls on the steering wheel that you want to retain with the new unit? Is the vehicle equipped with Onstar, a satellite radio system, rear seat entertainment or anything else that works with the radio?

Edit: yours is not a particularly expensive vehicle to install a new head unit. There's a little bit of extra work involved if you have a Shaker audio system, but nothing extreme. Total installation costs including parts shouldn't be much more than $100 at most.

parts are usually about 150.00, labor 100.00, and deck so figures are average. Installers will do it right and not half *** . Worth money especially if not familiar with installs. Want ready to expand,not get jolt when over a bump in road and right power sources used.

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