Could you get a ticket for getting to the speed limit too fast?

Say the speed limit was 50, if I took off too fast to 50, could I get a ticket for that and what would it be called if I did?

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There is no law against "getting to the speed limit too fast."
I ride/drive "frisky", and generally get to the speed limit quickly.
I have been pulled over twice that I remember, in over 50 years of driving. Never ticketed. If you do get a ticket you simply look in yours State VC and read up the law. If you didn't do the crime, you simply show up the Judge, show the truth, and the ticket will be dismissed.

An "exhibition" requires either timing the acceleration and/or people watching the acceleration. If you don't do, it isn't an "exhibition" and the ticket is dismissed. "Reckless driving" is driving in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property. Merely driving quickly is not reckless driving and again any ticket will be dismissed.

Depending on the municipality, such a violation would be called exhibition of speed or excessive speed. Both of which are much different for driving over the speed limit, but are definitely considered a moving violation.
Unreasonable acceleration is a popular term where I live but exhibition driving and reckless would also apply.
In many jurisdictions it is an "exhibition of speed" but the term is usually reserved for things like spinning tires.
I think they could put it down to reckless/careless driving – seeing as they appear to be judge and jury in these cases instead of monitors of the law, I wouldn't try it! I guess you could defend it if you could prove that you were in full control of the vehicle and there was no danger to pedestrians etc but I'm pretty certain you'd get ticketed anyway for having fun while they were working!!

Why not try it and let people know how it went from your jail cell?!?

You would be speeding if you did that.
they call it exhibition of accelleration here