Could you get kidnaped if someone hacked one of those self-driving cars?

Just this thought alone is why I will never use a self-driving car

Best Answer:

mariete: No. All self-driving models require the presence of a supervising driver in the driving seat at all times who can immediately resume full manual control at any time.

Even if that was not possible it would be easy to turnnoff the igntion or better to apply the fully mechanical, non-electronically hackable, parking/emergency brake or to pit the transmission lever into neutral or park.

You also need to be worth kidnapping to begin with, and the vast majority of people aren't. But as self-driving cars are still rare enough that most people never encounter them you can indulge your current paranoia without ever likely restricting your mobility.

Other answer:

No I could not get kidnapped in that situation as I would not be in a self driving car.
Actually, yes it could be possible.
Cars have been hackable for about 10 years now. The hacker can lock the doors and drive the car without the driver able to do anything to stop them.

It stands to reason that the same thing could be done to self driving cars.

Any reason you couldnt just open the door and get out when the car comes to literally any stop at a red light or something? Or even call 911 on your cell phone while in the car?
You need a new hobby

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