Deciding between used cars?

Just wanted some advice on how to pick between a couple used cars. They're all Subaru Outbacks and all cost around the same price ($10k).

2008 – 95k
2009 – 109k
2010 – 125k
2011 – 152k
2012 – 139k ($1000 more)
the 2nd number is the amount of miles

Other answer:

Patrick S:
It is up to you which style and color you like. I had not planned on buying another winter vehicle yet when my old Pathfinder suddenly had major brake and other issues more than it was worth last fall. So I bought a 2008 Outback that still looked like new with 150,000 miles on it. I expect it to go a lot more miles. Subaru is usually in top 10 lists of cars on the road the longest.

I hadn't owned one since putting 106k miles on a 1980 GL 4WD wagon in 3 years and 138k on a 1983 same in 4 years. The only non-routine issue I can think of is that I had to replace an oil pressure sensor on the 83.

The one that is in the best condition, as determined by a mechanic. Any car with 100K miles is a risk for problems, some of them serious (expensive). Some can be in great condition, some are junk.
for that kind of money you should keep looking AND find a Subaur with less miles on the dash … there are too many problems with cars that are over 100K miles.
Fewer miles is better. As long as you've seen the service history.