Do all used cars have a license plate?

Is it possible for a used car to not have a license plate? A friend got a new car and said it was used but i think it's new because it doesn't have a license plate.

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Caroline: It really depends on which state you are talking about. In some states the plate is sold with the car and in others it stays with the owner. It also depends on private party or dealer. Sorry but to vague of an question to give a quality answer to but yes it is possible for the car to be used. Also just look at the year and mileage. If it is more than a year or two old and has more than 1,000 miles than it is definitely used. Hope this helps!

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When any car, new or used, is purchased, it should not have a license plate. The seller is supposed to remove the plate and either keep it, put it on another vehicle, or return it to the government. After the sale, the car is not supposed to be driven again, by anyone, until the plate is removed. The buyer should not get it, under any circumstances.
Skoda John:
In the US in many states the plate belongs to the owner not the cat.
Therefore a used car can not have a plate.
This is why the DMV does temporary tags.
All cars have to have a plate to be driven on the streets of any state
most do NOT have license plates.. usually used
Nope. I live in a free state. The tag and registration does NOT go with the vehicle when it sells. OK is the ONLY state that I know of that the tag goes with the vehicle.

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