Do American trains serve French fries and other hot food?

If not, what food is available?

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trains don't serve food but dinning car attendants do
Amtrak trains serve food. In the Northeast Corridor and on intercity trains there is usually a snack bar which serves sandwiches, hamburgers and similar things. Potato chips are more likely than French fries. The food is pre prepared and heated in a microwave oven. Coffee, tea and soft drinks are also available.

Long distance trains have a dining car and serve complete meals. For any long distance train you can see the menu on then Amrtak Website.

If you look at a train schedule (either paper or on the web) you will see an indicator next to each train of whether or not food is available and whether there is dinning car service or a snack bar.

Commuter trains (which are operated by individual states) generally do not serve food. However, you can bring your own food and drink with you.

I live outside of Newark, New Jersey and I prefer to buy my food in the station rather than on an Amtrak train and of course New Jersey Transit Trains serve no food. Both Newark Penn Station and New York Penn Station have places that sell genuinely excellent food. Zaro's is one of them. Princeton Junction has a shop that sells fresh bagels and coffee and similar things. Trenton has a Dunkin Donuts which is acceptable. Providence has a self service restaurant with good sandwiches and other things. There are tables to sit at or you can take your food on the train.

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Apart from local area Metro services, the main passenger rail services in the USA are all operated by Amtrak, and are long-distance. As such, they have refreshments available. Like most train catering world-wide, the goods that they offer vary depending upon the journey, and are relatively expensive. The advice usually offered here to travellers on a budget is to bring your own food and drink!
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Hi if the train has a buffet car maybe.
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trains do not serve food in any-country
they move people & goods from 1 place to another