Do Dodge Challengers Get Good Gas Mileage?

I really was considering a 2015 hellcat as my new car! But I've heard they burn up gas like crazy, is this true? Would a Charger be a better choice? Thanks!
Actually Andy, I'm 20, working and in college. I'm just looking for something a little nicer than a 1995 Avalon, which only gets 10 mpg.

Other answer:

anonymous post + stupid question = troll

If this was legitimate you'd simply look this up. And if you really had an Avalon that gets only 10 mpg you'd know you need repairs pronto

Scott H:
Nobody concerned about fuel economy buys a muscle car. If fuel mileage is a big issue for you, there are dozens of cars that will fit your needs.
Please….quit trolling. If you were serious about a new car you could easily go research it for yourself. If you can't afford the gas wait till you see what insurance costs. My guess is that you're about 14 trying to impress people. It's not working kid.
And if you're getting 10 mpg out of an Avalon, you're either too dumb or too cheap to have things fixed. Doesn't matter which, I suppose.
No my little troll buddy, muscle cars don't get good fuel economy, plus I doubt you are smart enough to get in to any college, lol.